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Gum Disease Treatment in Brooklyn, Bay Ridge

Millions of germs live in your mouth. If you have bleeding gums and suffer from gum disease, open wounds in your gums allow bacteria to enter your bloodstream and circulate through your body with the potential for creating disease in other organs and bodily systems. Research has shown some links between periodontitis and heart disease, ischemic stroke, respiratory disease, head and neck cancer, kidney disease, diabetes and increased risk of pre-term delivery.

Periodontal disease is the leading cause of tooth loss for the majority of adults in the United States. Losing your teeth, however, is not the only danger you face. When you have periodontal disease, there is an active, living infection in your mouth. This infection releases toxins into the rest of your body through blood vessels in your mouth, causing a variety of health-related issues.

Gum disease treatment may include gum surgery, laser gum surgery (LANAP surgery) or scaling and root planing. Your Marine Park periodontist can treat all the stages of gum disease from gingivitis and bleeding gums to periodontitis.


This office is well run and staff by people who give excellent patient care and service. Able to educate the patient on good oral care. Easy to schedule appointments. --Bradley R., Brooklyn, NY

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