Treatments Offered by Preventive Dentistry

Treatments Offered by Preventive Dentistry

Treatments Offered by Preventive Dentistry

Treatments Offered by Preventive Dentistry

Treatments Offered by Preventive Dentistry

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An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure – We’ve all heard the phrase, but when it comes to practice, we don’t always implant this sage advice. When it comes to dentistry, many patients would prefer to avoid anything at all until they simply cannot avoid coming into the office for an emergency procedure. However, patients who practice preventive dentistry tend to yield better oral health for their entire lives without negative associations with their dentist.


Preventive dentistry is taking care of your teeth through proper care and maintenance in order to keep them healthy rather than only acting to correct a health issue. Preventive dentistry helps to avoid cavities, enamel wear, periodontal disease and more. It’s likely that you’re practicing preventive dentistry a few times every day. Some forms of preventive dentistry are brushing your teeth twice a day and flossing once daily. These simple actions help to keep your oral health in top condition.


People Who Benefit from Preventive Dentistry

Everybody can benefit from preventive dentistry. Children tend to see the most return though because preventive dentistry helps their developing permanent teeth come in healthy. Additionally, preventive dentistry in children helps to cement positive lifelong dental habits that can lead to fewer health issues overall. Children typically receive dental sealants and fluoride treatments as part of their preventive dental routine.


As people age, preventive dentistry helps to maintain already healthy teeth and ensure that natural teeth remain intact to avoid the use of denture or implants. Utilizing this service also reduces the number of cavities or the amount of dental work that may be required as patients age.


Preventive Dentistry Benefits

Our oral hygiene is linked to our overall health. In general, people with healthy teeth and mouths have fewer health issues than those who have poor dental health. Researchers have found links between diabetes, heart disease, osteoporosis, respiratory disease, and cancer in patients who also have poor oral health. Premature births and underweight births have also been linked to oral health issues. Preventive dentistry also makes financial sense. Preventive dentistry can often reduce the number or severity of dental issues. This means that you can sometimes avoid cavities or the loss of teeth altogether. The cost of poor oral health can add up very quickly in cavities, dentures, implants or other necessary dental work.


Preventive Dentistry Treatments

Many facets of preventive dentistry can be practiced at home. This includes brushing twice daily for two minutes, flossing daily, and getting regular dental checkups. Our dentist can provide some additional options for our preventive dentistry routine. These include:


Fluoride Treatments: Our dentist, offers a higher dosage level of fluoride than you can obtain. Fluoride helps to build the protective enamel on your teeth that help to combat cavities and tooth decay. Dental Cleaning and Screening: Our checkup every six months helps to remove built-up plaque and tartar that you couldn’t remove yourself. Additionally, these checks look for cavities and get them treated before they become a bigger issue.


X-rays: X-rays help our dentist see parts of the teeth that aren’t generally visible. This can include cavities in between the teeth and issues that are beginning just below your gum line.


Mouth Guards: Our dentist can help with tooth grinding issues by creating a personal mouth guard for you. These mouth guards are better fitting than store-bought counterparts, and you’re more likely to experience success with a professional fit.


Sealants: Sealants are placed over the chewing surfaces of your molars. This helps to keep out bacteria from contacting the teeth in areas that are more prone to cavities.


Education: Our dentist can help tailor individualized education plans for your specific needs. If you need help to quit smoking or drinking, our dentist can help point you in the right direction. If you are interested in tooth whitening, a smile makeover, or guidance on flossing, our dentist can help you with these issues too.



Patients who use preventive dentistry have better oral and general medical health. They can experience a reduction in the number of cavities or severity of dental issues that they have. If you are interested in preventive dentistry, contact our dentist to schedule an appointment today.