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Gum depigmentation, often called gum bleaching, is a common procedure in dentistry performed to improve the cosmetic appearance of the smile. Utilizing laser technology allows us to remove black spots or patches on the gums with little discomfort!

Gum tissue is normally pink, but excess deposits of melanin can create what seem to be dark, black spots on the gums. While these patches are not harmful to the gum tissue, they can create aesthetic or cosmetic concerns. Discoloration is typically natural but can also be caused by long-term use of certain medications.

Laser Gum Bleaching

Melanocytes are cells that reside in the basal layer of the gum epithelium. The melanocytes produce melanin and are responsible for the pigmentation that appears in dark spots on the gums. A dental laser can target and remove the melanocytes, causing the reduced production of melanin in the gingival tissue. The result is a more natural, attractive smile!

Our gum bleaching patients come to us from all over New York City, including Canarsie, Mill Basin, Marine Park, Bay Ridge and surrounding locations in Brooklyn, NY.


This office is well run and staff by people who give excellent patient care and service. Able to educate the patient on good oral care. Easy to schedule appointments. --Bradley R., Brooklyn, NY

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