Benefits of LANAP® Laser Surgery

Benefits of LANAP® Laser Surgery

Benefits of LANAP® Laser Surgery

Benefits of LANAP® Laser Surgery

Benefits of LANAP® Laser Surgery

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Gum disease is a fairly common condition in the U.S. It affects over 50 percent of adults over 30 years old. While most people learn about the condition early enough to make changes, some do not. They must deal with extensive tissue damage, bone loss, and deep periodontal pockets. Some people need periodontal surgery to try and reverse the condition's impact.

Advanced periodontitis causes irreversible damage to the oral structures that support your teeth. Moreover, the condition is linked to other health issues like cardiac arrest, some cancers, and other systematic conditions. While periodontal surgery is relatively effective, another treatment is proving better. LANAP® is a laser treatment that helps patients with periodontal disease to have better results. 


What Is LANAP?

LANAP stands for laser-assisted new attachment procedure. It is a new FDA-approved treatment alternative to traditional periodontal surgery. It is backed by scientific and clinical proof showing significant advantages over conventional periodontal surgery. It utilizes a special laser technology—the PerioLase MVP-7—to perform the treatment. The laser uses seven variable pulses that work independently and almost as different lasers. 

The laser is so precise and effective that the orthodontist can target specific tissues as needed. They can target inflamed and infected tissues without causing any damage to the healthy gum tissue. It accomplishes this and more without needing a scalpel or sutures after the treatment. 


Benefits of LANAP


It Is Safer

Conventional periodontal surgery requires the use of scalpels and sutures to close periodontal pockets. While this is important, the procedure is often excruciating, leaving the patient in discomfort. Moreover, cutting away the gum tissues at the base of the teeth leaves the teeth looking much longer than natural. 

On the other hand, LANAP requires only mild anesthesia during the treatment. However, there is no pain after the treatment. You experience no cutting or bleeding, making it much safer and more comfortable. Your healthy gum tissues remain intact because there is no cutting involved.


Less Pain

As mentioned, the patient feels no pain after LANAP. In contrast, you experience pain that lasts days after surgery involving cutting and suturing. Also, your teeth are generally more sensitive with the roots exposed. With LANAP, this is not the case because the surgery is non-invasive. The unique laser also features biofeedback, allowing for adjustments to make the treatment less painful.


Shorter Procedure and Recovery Time

Because the treatment involves no cutting or suturing, the dentist spends most of their time on your condition. Conventional surgery requires at least four sessions for it to be effective. LANAP requires only two sessions, each much shorter than the alternative.

Not only is traditional surgery longer, but you also have to make time between treatments for suture removal. LANAP has much shorter recovery times since it does away with tissue cutting. You can resume everyday life within 24 hours of the surgery. 


Lasting Results

While effective in cleaning up teeth, conventional surgery results are limited. LANAP leads to gum tissue reattachment, new bone mass growth, and periodontal regeneration. The results last a fantastic five years for 98 percent of all patients.

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