What Patients Have Said About Us

Bradley R., Brooklyn, NY
"This office is well run and staff by people who give excellent patient care and service. Able to educate the patient on good oral care. Easy to schedule appointments."

Paul M., Bayside, NY
"OK, maybe the title is a bit "over the top", BUT the procedure was as close to painless as I could ever imagine. I would never have the traditional, cut and stitch surgery and put it of for many years, but when Dr B. told me about laser surgery, I took things much more seriously as it was something I could handle. I came home after having my whole mouth done in one sitting (I think Dr B. felt I might "chicken out" of the second half. I had some pain when the Novocaine wore off, but the medications lessened the discomfort. Dr. B's explanation, prior to the procedure put me at ease (as much as possible in "THE CHAIR" The cost is high and creates a bit of a hardship, but if the procedure works as expected, it will be money well spent."

Auton G., Brooklyn, NY
"I like his professional manner and the fact that he lets you know in advance what to expect. He has proven to me that he knows what he is doing and i have complete confidence in him."

Paula K., Brooklyn, NY
"This was my first visit. I found the staff helpful and friendly. Dr. Baradarian was friendly and explained the procedure clearly and answered all my questions,I had a lot."

Lynn G., Flushing, NY,
"The care and treatments I received at Dr. Baradarian's was great . The Doctor and staff are professional, courteous and friendly. Starting with the first visit though out your entire session you are cared for and followed to make sure that all your needs and attentions are met. Thanks guys."

Ina K., Brooklyn, NY
"My tooth was extracted a week ago which was followed by the bone graft and some stitches. It was my first experience with Dr. Navid Baradarian. The procedure was practically painless. The doctor was very attentive, was talking to me through the procedure trying to make me feel better and it did help. I have more work to be done, and I know that I will go to my next appointment with great confidence, which is a really good feeling."

Exzerah, Brooklyn, NY
"Dr. Baradarian is a very confident individual who knows what he is doing so I was able to relax throughout the whole procedure."

Robert M., Great Neck, NY
"I visited Dr. Baradarian for a gum graft recently. From start to finish, the dentist and his staff were very courteous and professional. Dr. Baradarian did a great job with the graft. Pain free and even a pleasant experience, like always. I will be back and I certainly recommend this dentist."

Roslyn S., Brooklyn, NY
"I have been a patient at this office for over 10 years. Throughout those years my husband and I have both been very pleased in all aspects of our care. Dr. Baradarian is very up-to-date in his knowledge, very skilled in his work and communicates with your general dentist whenver necessary. All of the staff are always competent, professional and friendly. I highly recommend this facility. Dr. Baradarian was amazing. He took great care of me and my teeth. Gave me the personal attention other offices often lack. I recommend Dr. Baradarian to everyone I know as I have never had a bad experience with any of my visits."

Lynn D., Bayside, NY
"He is the best in the business. The staff is excellent too. You are made to feel comfortable and relaxed."

Jill B., Brooklyn, NY
"Excellent diagnostic skills. Many of the dental problems found by dr. Barbadarian were not diagnosed by other dentists. Quite impressed."

Katherine L., Brooklyn, NY
"Dr. Baradarian and his staff were absolutely wonderful. They were very accommodating and comforting throughout my entire procedure. I am so pleased with the office and my results."

Michele A., Brooklyn, NY
"Dr. Baradarian and his staff are extremely competent, efficient, helpful, friendly, and sympathetic. They go out of their way to make your visit, and any paperwork that may follow, undaunting. I highly recommend this periodontic practice."

​​​​​​​Stuart S., Brooklyn, NY
"After a double extraction I couldn't believe how good I felt the next day. Amazing. Great work thank you."

Andrew, Brooklyn, NY
"I needed to address a damaged front tooth caused by a sports injury... my dentist thought it was a good candidate for an implant, and recommended a consultation with Doctor Baradarian. During the consultation he carefully examined the tooth and jaw, covered all the details of the procedures and outcomes in a highly professional, competent, confident, and personable manner. The procedure itself went as anticipated, and in the same manner, with excellent results. I highly recommend Dr. Navid Baradarian."

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